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Bote Zeppelin Aero 10’ vs. Zeppelin Aero 12’ 6”

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Bote Zeppelin Aero 10’ vs. Zeppelin Aero 12’ 6”

On the market for an inflatable kayak, but aren’t sure of the differences between the Zeppelin Aero 10’ and 12’ 6”? No worries, we’re here to help! In this article, we are going to be breaking down everything that you need to know to decide which one of these inflatable boats is right for you.





Zeppelin Aero 10’ Features

Zeppelin 10 Features

The Zeppelin Aero 10’ may be small in size but is big on features. It’s a great option for the paddler that sometimes heads out alone but also likes to bring their little passenger with them every once and a while. This boat only weighs about 37.5 lbs and has a length of 10’ and a width of 38”. The weight capacity comes in at 300 lbs, so bringing some extra gear won’t be an issue. The Zeppelin Aero 10’ is an efficiency boat that is designed to track super straight for a fun time out on the water.






Zeppelin Aero 12’ 6” Features

Zeppelin 12 features

The Zeppelin Aero 12’ 6” is a versatile kayak that is perfect for paddling alone or with a friend. When comparing this tandem kayak to others, it has a manageable weight of only 41 lbs and has a length of 12’ 6” and a width of 38”. The weight capacity for this boat is 600 lbs, so you can feel super safe when heading out with another paddler on board. The Zeppelin Aero 12’ 6” is a super versatile kayak that is perfect for a day out on the water.







The Zeppelin Aero 10’ and 12’ 6” have exactly all of the same features. Both boats have MAGNEPOD™ to keep a number of MAGNEPOD™ compatible items like tumblers to a speaker secure on the deck. For storage, they feature bungee straps in the front and rear to keep gear safe. They also have a paddle strap so that you can relax out on the water without worrying about losing your paddle. For easy transport, there are grab handles located on several points of the boats. They also have a BVA Foam Deck Pad for anti-slip traction and to help reduce fatigue when out on the water.



If you’re looking to add some accessories, both are Bucket Rac Compatible which is perfect for bringing a cooler and adding some rod holders. If you still want to bring a cooler but don’t have the Bucket Rac, no worries! They have cooler tie-down points so you can keep your cooler behind your seat. And last but not least, both models have accessory mounting points to add items.








Zeppelin Kayak Size Differences

The differences between these two models really come down to the boats themselves since they share all of the same features. The Zeppelin 12’ 6” offers more versatility than its smaller counterpart. While both are a great option for families, the 12’ 6” offers a bigger edge since it can convert from a single kayak to a tandem one.



Both Zeppelins are amazing boats whose only real differences come down to the technical specs. When deciding which model is right for you, we recommend thinking about what you want to do out on the water and whether or not you want to bring another paddler. If you have any questions or want to see these boats in person, stop by Ski Shack, where our team is happy to help!




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