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Ski and Snowboard Tune-Ups: What, Why and When

Ski and Snowboard Tune-Ups: What, Why and When

In general, we recommend getting a tune-up at least once at the start or end of each winter season. Tune-ups are an important part of keeping you and your equipment safe on the slopes.


What is a Tune-Up?


Much like your car needs regular maintenance to perform its best, your ski and snowboard equipment is no different. A tune-up is a maintenance service that is done periodically throughout the lifespan of your equipment to help give your ski or snowboard better performance out on the slopes. A tune-up is a comprehensive service consisting of several steps including cleaning, inspection, edge sharpening, base grinding, and waxing.





Why Do I Need a Tune-Up?

A common question we hear at the shop is, “why do I need a tune-up?” Tune-ups are an essential part of keeping you, and your equipment safe, on the slopes. With sharper edges and a faster base, you will experience better performance on the snow with more speed, control, and grip. Tuning helps restore your equipment back to near factory settings and can help lengthen its overall lifespan.





When Should I Get a Tune-Up?

If you’ve gone all season without getting a tune-up, or if you have never gotten a tune-up on your equipment, we highly recommend bringing it into a qualified ski shop since it can help you perform better on the snow and help your equipment last longer. We recommend getting at least one tune-up service at the beginning and/or end of each winter season. This makes it easier to remember to get it done. However, depending on how often you hit the slopes, you may need more services throughout the season. 



Another time to get a tune-up is if you’ve only been getting edging and waxing services done during the season. Getting only an edge and a wax all season can wear down your metal edges which causes the base to protrude. To reset your base and get everything in order, a tune-up is needed.



Finally, one last reason to bring your gear in for a tune-up is if you do a lot of early or end-of-season runs. While the weather is often milder, the slopes can be a bit treacherous at this time since the snow base is generally thinner which allows rocks, sticks, and dirt to peek through the snow and hit your equipment’s base. The rocks, sticks, and dirt can cause gauges in your base, which will need to be fixed with P-tex.



If you don’t remember the last time you had a tune-up, or you’re unsure if you need one, you can always stop by Ski Shack, where our experienced team can get you ready to hit the slopes on some properly tuned equipment.

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