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Ski & Snowboard Trip Packing Essentials

Ski & Snowboard Trip Packing Essentials

If you’re packing for a ski and snowboard trip, we’re here to help! Packing for a trip to the mountain can be a little stressful. The most important part of packing for a trip is making sure that you have everything you need. You can use our list while packing to make sure that you don’t forget anything.






The first few things you don't want to forget are your boots, skis or snowboard, and possibly your poles. These are very important pieces of gear that you don’t want to forget if you are bringing your own. After you have those items ready, it’s time to move on to your apparel.









Let’s start with your main pieces of clothing: a jacket, pants, baselayer, and mid-layer. Both your jacket and pants are meant to protect you from the elements. This means that they should have some level of waterproofing to help keep you dry. Your base layer is your first layer and should be wool or synthetic. This layer is meant to help wick moisture away from your body.
Next, add some extra warmth with a mid-layer to help keep you insulated.








After your primary pieces of clothing are ready, you should move on to packing: goggles, gloves, your helmet, a neckwarmer, hat, and socks. Goggles help protect your eyes from both the elements and injury. When packing them, remember that clear lenses are best for night, dark lenses are best for bright days, and lighter tints are best for cloudy days. Your gloves should be waterproof and insulated since they are essential for keeping your hands warm on the mountain. Helmets protect your head from falls, so we recommend always wearing one no matter your skill level. The next few items are perfect for keeping you extra warm. A neck warmer helps protect you from the elements. You can leave it around your neck or pull it up as a face covering. A hat is perfect for wearing when you take your helmet off. This could mean around the lodge or even on the way to the car. When packing your socks, it is best to go with a wool pair. Also, you should only be wearing one pair when skiing or snowboarding, but it is a good idea to bring an extra pair just in case.










Finally, let’s talk about some accessories to bring on your trip: hand warmers, snacks, a water bottle, sunblock, and a bag for it all. Hand warmers are a great option if you tend to have cold hands. It’s likely that you’ll get hungry while out on the slopes, and snacks are a great way to get rid of that hunger. On the other end of that, you may get thirsty, so a water bottle is a great item to bring. Apply sunblock before heading out and apply it every few hours, even if it’s an overcast day. Finally, a great way to keep everything together is in a bag. We recommend using the Dakine Boot Locker. The Boot Locker features a tarp-lined bottom compartment to keep your boots warm and dry. It also features space for your jacket, helmet, gloves, and even some extra layers.








Now that we’ve gone over everything that you should bring to the mountain, you should be all ready for your trip. But if you still need to pick up a few things before you head out, you can stop at Ski Shack, where we have everything you need to have a fun and safe time out on the slopes!




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